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how george bush was treated? i just think the signage and language and history is so much deeper and these images are so much more insensitive than anything that george bush faced. >> but i think the really important comparison is to back to the last democratic president who made republicans crazy with hate for him. so lfb i images like that are racist, but i don't think republicans hate him because he's black, but because he's a democratic president, and a lot of the discussion gets built around his race. republicans would tell you that he had orchestrated the murder of vince foster and he was a rapist and all these other horrible thing. >> i think that's very different that go home, you're 47% kneelingo and go home, kenyan. these are cultural stereotypes, rachellely inflammatory. >> i mostly agree with what josh said i think the hatred comes first and then you use everything you have, but there are some things unique. we have people questioning whether he was born in the united states. it goes on, if you look at polls in more nan 5% of people i think the color of his skin, the
, they would not have become presidents of the united states that would be a shame. bill clinton, george bush, and barack obama. it seems more like an argument for mmre energetic greg apprehensions, not more leniency. ♪ forget the recess, forget detente. president obama's prescription is not exaly the first move toward a cordial relations. national secury analyst next. ♪ join us at ♪ lou: president obama denying that his relationship with president putin is bad, b then he said this about putin. you figure it out. >> i don't have a bad personal relationship with putin. when we have conversations they areandid, blunt, oftentimes constructive. i know the press likes to focus on body language, and he has that kind of slouched looking like the board to kate in the back of the classroom lou: well, if that is a good relationship and i don't know. those comments after canceling a moscow summit over the edward snden assigned -- asylum. behaving like teenage ways. joining us now, former national security anasts, great to have you with this. there is sometng disconcerting about hea
the mandatory -- think what would happen if bill clinton, george bush or barack obama were caught any of these times under this scenario. we would have three different presidents, 42, 43, 44 would be different. mandatory sentencing, they wouldn't be able to do it. i like the idea. i am still against legalizing the drugs, i think it should be held at the state level. >> well, i was going to ask kimberly, how does that work. what eric holder asks is that the u.s. attorneys take a look at their local area and come back to him with a plan for how you could take a minimum sentencing, maximum sentencing, i'm sorry, or minimum i guess it is minimum, and change it to meet your local needs. how does that work if drugs are illegal federally? >> he is circumventing the federal authority, i don't think that's legal, but that never stopped him before, this is eric holder. he is now the drug czar afternoon sentencing czar. do i believe this is an area that needs improvement? yes, i have seen there's not enough discretion when you have federal guidelines and you're seeing people low level wrapped in
and the right, by basically going to the right of george bush. he tripled the number of troops in afghanistan when he could have ended the war in the first six months. he increa increased the drone ws around the world, including killing americans with drones. with intelligence aside you can see he basically expanded that. that's the way he has been going all along. i think keeping clapper in there and promoting clapper to head of this committee i think is consistent with the way he has been going defense side agenda. >> and consistently disappointing to so many people who were not expecting this out of this president. james bamford, look for his bo book. thank you for joining us. >> common sense is looking both ways before crossing the street, not marginalizing citizens. >>> only a handful of people showed up for steve king's immigration rally. but his ego is the eyes of a cantaloupe farm. and later a tragic story. this college sophomore was hazed to death, and his congresswoman refuses to do anything about it. the victim's mother will tell us the infuriating reason why. it's tuesday in "the
massively expands spending, and quite frankly george bush expand spending under him with a republican congress. this is not republican or democrat. this is constitutional and originalism. the problem is under republican administrations in congress, under democrat administrations in congress, we have this massive explosion of the federal government. if we don't constitutionally limit that and how much of our private property they can take through taxation, we're doomed. because they are not going to limit it. ? you have an amendment to limit the federal bureaucracy. as you said, they're in every aspect of our life. >>> the federal bureaucracy is the fourth branch of government. they issues 3,000 laws and rules a year. and the people have no say in it. so that is a delegation congress gave to them and i say it ought to be delegated back envelop do you believe an amendment to promote free enterprise, protect private property, grant the states the authority to directly amen the constitution. >> right. two-thirds of the states to directly amen the constitution. the constitution has been re
believe the economy was so messed up by george bush that obama struggled mightily to overcome this horrible situation he inherited. the second reason is most americans believe republicans only care about rich people. and those are branding problems that the republican party has to to overcome. and it's hard to overcome it because you've got three obstacles; academia, hollywood and our major media, all of which are overwhelmingly liberal. when you say something, it's got to be interpreted through the filter of those three entities, and often it's been distorted. >> host: larry elder is our guest, this is booktv on c-span2 live from the los angeles times festival of books, campus of usc. mike's in fort worth, texas. hi, mike. >> caller: how's it going, larry? my -- pretty good. i'm a african-american democrat, but i agree with you one of the big problems in the african-american community is lack of fathers in the house. but i think, larry, when you say that, you kind of come off kind of harsh on black people. now, what's the reason behind the lack of a lot of fathers being in th
for 180 days. at the same point in office, president george w. bush had made 50 visits to his texas ranch, totaling all or part of 323 days. knoller said that he always puts the word "vacation" in quotes because as he often says, u.s. presidents don't really get to take a vacation. the job comes with them 24/7. well, i'm hoping president obama plays lots of golf in the next couple of days or shoots hoops or whatever else he needs to do to maintain his mental edge. i felt the same way about president george w. bush, and i never begrudged him his time at the ranch. all told he was there during 490 days during his presidency. the health of the country is largely a function of the physical and mental health of its commander in chief. and if blowing off some steam with a couple of bogeys or a beer in the clubhouse keeps him sharper when the red phone rings, we're all better off for it. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being was. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening, from new york. i'm chris hayes. it is good to be back. tonight on "all in" global warming is a compl
those people are like. >> what could possibly go wrong in eight years of george bush? >> my producer just coughed up a hairball. >>sorry. >>just be grateful current tv doesn't come in "smell-o-vision" >> oh come on! the sweatshirt is nice and all, but i could use a golden lasso. (vo)only on current tv. >> announcer: the "bill press show" is joining free speech tv starting september 3rd. find out how to watch at >> bill: this is the last week for current tv. all of you listening on the progressive radio network and the stations around the country, nothing changes there but on tv, thursday is the last day for current. we pop up on free speech tv on september 3rd. be sure you're able to stay with us on television as well as on radio. check out 26 minutes after the hour now. talking about major changes on a couple of fronts on the law enforcement area and the mandatory -- so-called mandatory minimum sentencing. eric holder says we're not going to follow up with that anymore. and stop, question and frisk in new york city, judge says it is wrong. police h
to -- when people say do i trust this president more than george bush? i say yes. you said i think this is the first time since the presidency became imperial more or less after the civil war, that that has happened. >> yeah. now the bush administration, a conservative would pipe in and say there were most fisa amendments after 2008. and that's true, but the democrats forced it, and there were enough votes between democrats and libertarian-ish republicans to get that passed. but i don't think george bush and dick cheney, would have enunciated a policy like obama did on friday. >> stephanie: a lot of liberals unimpressed, you said i am. if you are not signed on to the whole program you might as well be joe mccarthy. and we liberals are trained to think of these liberties as being absolutely nonnegotiable. but they are negotiated all the time. as with anything there are degrees. >> i wrote a column a couple of months ago back when the gun debate was going on, when i was setting out to demonstrate to people that the rights in the second amendment aren't completely absolute. and i said
assistant to president george w. bush. thank you both for being here. let me turn first to jason patrick and the sperm donor wants to be so much more. >> well, he does. he did sign a paper before the baby was born saying is, what the -- want to be part of the baby's life. he did sign that form. he did not relinquish custody which is the big thing that is different. the baby has even been born. l.a. california they're is a bill being presented saying if you're a sperm donor and sign these forms saying you want to be part of it and here's the hard part, involved in your child's life. i think as a public policy matter what fathers to be involved. not just in paying child support, but in their day-to-day lives, we want to support that. lou: a conflict of obviously in our society and culture that is going to work its way through. the think that it will have? >> at think there will. the california case will go through. if the man can show that he really was involved in that child's life in the best interest of the child he should be involved. lou: obamacare, another broken promise. and there s
this was going on the commissioner was a george bush appointee, the chief counsel is william wilkins, the only obama political appointee in the irs. the people who were overseeing the tea party applications told the committee they directed the east to the office of chief counsel. charles: the obama appointee. >> the committee requested communication from that office to the white house and other communications relevant to that. the irs failed to turn them over. the committee -- charles: the saga will continue as you will stay on top of the. this is a damning video and you can no longer call the scandals phony. not that you ever could but the more you call in phone the more stuff like this comes out. i could listen to you talk about this all day because it is fascinating and important but we have run out of time and we will have you back real soon. i want you to check this out. this is made of 3,000 different pieces. after the break the designer says 3d printing clothing isn't too far away from ending up in your closet. that is your size. >> i wouldn't be wearing that. this man is about to be th
. joining me, sam thernstrom who served with president george w. bush. executive director of the energy innovate reform project. and sam, my first question is, how do we get over this? this is my big -- i realize that i can't be the person that breaks the ice here, that figures out the way to make this dialogue not be as toxic and terrible and self-destructive as it is. how do we get out of this dead end? >> well, actually, chris, we can start right here. you can help. you can't do it yourself, but you can help. we can start by actually breaking down the assumptions in your setup just now which was the idea which is perpetuated by a lot of environmental activists that if you accept the basic science of climate change then you must accept the entire democratic or environmental agenda on climate policy. my experience is talking to others, they know they object to the policy measures that democrats propose, and so that stiffens their resistance on climate. if we have a constructive conversation about the policy options that conservatives could support, we might have a different conversatio
-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. george herbert walker bush becomes our 41st president. the berlin wall torn down. but these events pale in comparison to what happened on november 26th -- the premiere of "america's funniest home videos." tonight we'll show you our very funniest clips as we celebrate our 300th episode. casey. look, mom -- no teeth! did you catch that?
black person in the room. i'm next to barbara. there's george, 39 bush. president bush says, is that oprah? is that oprah, honey? and mrs. bush says, lee, is that oprah? is that oprah? yes, mrs. bush, it's oprah. it's oprah, honey. >> this is your baby. i feel it's going to speak to them. it's going to resonate with them. lee daniels. >> and "the cutler opens up across the country on friday. >>> we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >>> this, the viral video launched the solo career of bonnie mckee. she's written hits katy perry's" teenage dream." and she is set to be a star. and she's going to sing it here on "good morning america." katy perry, terra cruz. what's it like as a song to -- when i'm writing for someone else, it's like playing a role a little bit. i get to step into their shoes for a minute. >> now, you're stepping into your own shoes. change to solo artist. what's it been like for you? >> amazing. i waited a long time for it. i started out being an artist. now, i'm back as an artist. i'm happy to be back up on stage to play for all you guys. >> first tim
that both in terms of his experience here at the george george bush institute but more partly in terms of his experience as an army officer. >> thank you robert payday would like to start out by wishing congratulations to our newest citizens. my experience over the past 24 years as active military service has been in our our most engage service-oriented and patriotic citizens and servicemembers are our newest. and so as the director of the military service initiatives here i had the honor and responsibility to lead the bush institute's effort to honor the service and sacrifice of all of their post-9/11 veterans military servicemembers and their families but also to empower and unite the efforts of non-profits businesses universities individual citizens and communities to improve the well-being of those veteran servicemembers and their families but also to release their potential to continue to serve as national assets in their communities after their military service is over. and so since september 11, 2001, 2.3 million members of this country have gone -- worn the uniform in iraq or a
school and former special counsel to president george h.w. bush. welcome to you both to the newshour. mary price, let me start with you. you think these changes are good ideas. why? : absolutely. our criminal justice system has become addicted to solving our social and public safety problems with incarceration. today eric holder said the department recognizes that and says that we have to step away from using those kinds of policies. we can't incarcerate our way to public safety nor given the inequities, as we pointed out, should we do that. so i think it's significant that what he's saying with more flexibility in sentencing we can be safer and i think that's very important and something we need. >> woodruff: your argument is that this is less crime? >> our argument is that we're locking up too many of the wrong kind of people for too long for the wrong kinds of crimes. certainly -- i mean people who we are afraid of, people who are committing serious crimes, they ought to be incarcerated. we need to be kept safe. but as you pointed out, half of the people we're incarcerating are in
of the candidate people kind of thought he was conservative. conservative. the president -- george h.w. bush did. but then hep turned out not to be. and, you know, the mantra was no so now they nd are -- now adam said, they're that they know the pedigree much more deeply before -- before they nominate somebody. so that they're not going to change. clarence thomas once said, i ain't evolving. hasn't, really. of not we're sbrels in media law issues here and where the court may go first amendment sorts of issues including these technologies that we're talking may not be the court as comfortable with them. i have a worry that down the oad there may be bad law made by justices that aren't as comfortable with technologies. they're comfortable with radio, maybe not internet, facebook, or twitter. share concerns or see issues arising on this. concerns.ave those i did a column last weekend which pointed out that the chief worry said the biggest for him are these technology ssues that they don't really understand very well. and that they know that they with, cell phone apabilities and easier
to former president george herbert walker bush, william otis who is characterized holder's move as a victory for drug dealers. professor otis joins me now along with laura murphy, director of the washington legislative office of the aclu. professor, why is this a win for drug dealers. >> it's a win for drug dealers because under the attorney general's proposed policy, the cost of doing business has gone down. he has said he is going to allow indeed he's going to require federal prosecutors from now on to omit the amount of drugs being dealt from the indictment. that in turn will permit judges to go below the otherwise applicable mandatory minimum sentence. when the price of doing business goes down, that's a win for the person doing the business. unfortunately, the business here is selling drugs and we're not talking just about marijuana. the federal mandatory minimums apply, as well toll child pornography, to selling heroin, meth amphetamine, pcp. these are not harmless drugs and they lead eventually to severe injury and in some cases for an addict death. >> professor, your argument seems t
expansion. under george bush we expand the prescription drug party. i opposed that because there was not a governmental plan available. there was not universal pricing, which i thought would bring down the price dramatically. the day after the bill was passed, i worked along with the people who oppose the bill to make sure it was implemented as best as we could. we worked together to make it work. we're not seeing that on the affordable care act. we're seeing almost of political isolation of the issue, calling it politics rather than try to make it work the best you can in seeking changes you think should be changed. i am hoping we can get to that point and get the resources necessary to make sure the law is implemented fairly. you are correct that it will not be of one year implementation of the personal mandate. it will take a long time, it will take years. we know that. we also do not tight -- we also do not know what type of group will enroll the first year. it might surprise people and be very much typical of the risk that will alleviate a lot of the concerns of the pr
of healthcare than previous problems we have had in healthcare expansion. under george w. bush, we expanded the prescription drug part d. i opposed that. there was not a governmental plan available. universalit was not pricing. the day after that bill was theed, i worked along with people who oppose the bill to make sure was implemented as best that we could. we work together to make it work. we are not seeing that in the affordable care act. it is almost a political isolation of this issue which is calling it politics rather than trying to make it work the best that you and seeking changes that should be changed. i'm hoping we can get to that point and we can get to the resources necessary to make sure this law is implemented fairly. it is not going to be a one year implementation of the personal mandate. it will take years. >> you can watch all of his .org.ks online at c-span night.rrow helpmate to him throughout his put coker. newspapersead the and underline passages she thought important for him to read. she was a regular fixture in the gallery and congress. typically, congress would en
. there's george, 39 bush. president bush says, is that oprah? is that oprah, honey? and mrs. bush says, lee, is that oprah? is that oprah? yes, mrs. bush, it's oprah. it's oprah, honey. >> this is your baby. i feel it's going to speak to them. it's going to resonate with them. lee daniels. >> and "the cutler opens up across t [ cheers and applause ] >>> this, the viral video launched the solo career of bonnie mckee. she's written hits katy perry's" teenage dream." and she is set to be a star. and she's going to sing it here on "good morning america." katy perry, terra cruz. what's it like as a songwriter to -- when i'm writing for someone else, it's like playing a role a little bit. i get to step into their shoes for a minute. >> now, you're stepping into your own shoes. change to solo artist. what's it been like for you? >> amazing. i waited a long time for it. i started out being an artist. now, i'm back as an artist. i'm happy to be back up on stage to play for all you guys. >> first time on national television. it's time to hear "american girl," bonnie mckee. ♪ i fell in love in
of the aisle trying to take some credit for. but yet as much as that's true, remember, george w. bush spent a lot of dough, the president, current president, president barack obama, ramped it up. there was no chirping then. i didn't hear chirping going we're going to hit $16 trillion at midnight, let's party! no. but the effects of less government spending definitely going to slow things down because you're not paying for it but it's a good thing. somebody broke the silence, i think it was bank of america, victoria mcgrain from "wall street journal" wrote a piece on wall street and it talks about the agenda for jackson hole. it's august 22nd to 24th. think about what i was saying. wouldn't it be nice if central bankers got together and tried to really figure out how to solve some of the structural issues? but the topics that were put forth, same old thing. the natural rate of interest, financial prices at zero lower bond, the transition of unconventional monetary policy. global liquidity, cross border cap flows. it seems to me that these are the same old topics, the crisis has c
george w. bush and principal deputy press secretary. and john verrico, president-elect of the national association of government communicators. so starting with carolyn, let's hear what you have to say, give us your overview of the subject. >> i'm going to tell you about a couple surveys i've conducted this year, and the previous year. that are relevant to the topic we're discussing tonight. first, i surveyed reporters who cover federal agencies here in washington. i've got 146 respondents within margin of error of about 7%. then i surveyed current and former members of the national association of government communicate is, at 154 responses from a margin of error of about 4.3%. i'm going to throw some numbers at you but i want to quantify the situation. my questions focus on the indie thing process. for someone to talk about preapproval and routing. 98% of public affairs officers believe that they have a better idea than reporters about who in the agencies would be the best person to give an interview on a given topic. three quarters of journalists report they have to give approval fro
willie horton, michael dukakis. he was soft on crime. the george h.w. bush campaign used that effectively. in 1982 i was with bill clinton. i was the pool reporter. the governor had no signature authority outside the state. he had to fly back to arkansas, we landed in west memphis so he could sign a death penalty case because he was trying to prove i'm a different kind of democrat, i'm tough on crime. i support the death penalty. this issue has been over the democrats but he and his team think they have the political room to do this and they'll move forward with it. >> it could be a legacy issue. man, what strange bed fellows these issues make. >> something that could get done in washington that's pretty paralyzed. >> good to point out when we can because it is rare. >> that is true, it is rare. strong point. >>> coming up on "new day," time for a little break. concerns about a key ingredient found in nail polish remover. why you may need your id to buy some at one major drugstore chain and others will follow. good reason. >>> a million dollar mixup. we'll let you know what a cincinnati c
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)